Sunday, February 28, 2010

Some Wedding Dress Ideas....

Ah, the wedding dress! What a choice among choices! It's going to take awhile for me to figure this out, but here are the initial ideas...

And, per your requests, here are a few dresses I've been looking at on etsy. They are obviously vintage dresses, which I love. Both here have amazing style and are unique! The colors are way too bit dark, but definitely interest me. I like the length and the fabric, as well.

Some of the actual wedding dresses that I like look
like these below. I've been looking at quite a few dresses
and have decided I don't want to look like a. a curtain, b. a hippie and c. an explosion of white fabric. I also have to remember the wedding will be in August and I do not want to look back and
think, "Wedding...what a hot, sweaty day!"

This dress to the left is pretty gorgeous. It's light, has some length and looks comfortable. I do realize it's a lot longer than the dresses mentioned above, but I do feel partial to it.

The dress to the right is actually from
It's very, very simple but the potential to make it amazing is there. I like this dress for the same reasons as the dress above. If I chose a simple dress
like either of these two, there would be some additions made to "fancy" things up a bit. I'd also most likely dye the dresses, as I like color!

Obviously, there are tons of dresses out there but simple is where I'm heading, with some decisions to make about length and color. Some surprises will have to be left for the actual day! But rest assured that I will NEVER look like this:

(Paul says this is his favorite, so far. Go figure.)


  1. Miranda - have you tried anything on? dyeing a beautiful dress would be awesome and you always look great in jewelery!
    Paul- it would be alot harder to get at Miranda's hot bod in the bottom dress just sayin.

  2. Miranda you are going to be hot no matter what dress you wear if you know what I mean... (from K)

  3. DUDE. You could wear that hyooge dress and have a "Dallas" themed wedding...

  4. Also...that lady is about to eat up the camera... I can see it in her eyes (hidden beneath her pompadour)